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All India Budo Shoto Karate Association

AIBSKA, under the aegis of British Shotokan Kyogi (Great Britain) and Japan Shotokan Karate Association (Japan), is a non-political and social organisation, which has been running in various states of India, since its very inception in 2007. At the time when it was incorporated in 2007, it was named "All India British Shotokan Kyogi Karate do Association". Later on, in 2015, due to an untoward incident, the complete form had to undergo a modification, and it was then that it was changed to "All India Budo Shoto Karate Association", as was instructed by Kyoshi Charles Gidley, the present Chief Instructor of AIBSKA and the founder of British Shotokan Kyogi (Great Britain).

Over the course of time, Sensei Nandy's frequent visits to UK, Japan and other parts of the world for training and championships, have had an immensely helped to inculcate the priceless teachings of great Budo masters of the world like, Abe, Yahara, Kawasoe, Kagawa, Naito and Nagaki into his associates and students in AIBSKA.

AIBSKA has always endeavoured to inculcate the budo spirit of traditional karate among its instructors and students and to make them aware of the utility of such an age old practice as a tool for self defence. As a matter of fact, Karate is an art. However, in the last thirty years, it has been regarded as another form of sports over the world and many changes have been brought about in the rules to impart a new shape to it---to treat it as a sport form instead of the traditional art form. This gave rise to two different schools of thought. There are many who are still firm in seeing Karate as an art and object to the idea of bringing forth any kind of change to it but AIBSKA is a little different in its outlook. We, at AIBSKA maintain a balance between the two outlooks.

We train students in such a way that keeps them rooted into the age old concept of Karate, thus preserve the art form while developing a sense of respect and acceptance for the new school of thought that treats Karate as a sport. We have incorporated such a training in our regular schedule. The legendary Shotokan Master from Japan, Shihan Masao Kagawa had hence inspired Sensei Nandy, who believes in the trainings of both the forms but in a balanced manner.

During the last thirteen years, students of AIBSKA have participated in a series of traditional styles World Championships, held in different corners of the world and have emerged victorious. They have also been participating in national championships regularly, organised under the aegis of "Karate Association of India" which is the recognised national federation for karate in India under the World Karate Federation.

Among the list of such marvellous achievements brought about by AIBSKA, there is yet another successful venture by them. AIBSKA, under its parent body's "Zenith of Health Society", has been working for the deprived and the destitute, since 2009 and it also holds camps in slums as well as remote areas in Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and West Bengal, at regular intervals at absolutely free of cost for the downtrodden. The instructors at AIBSKA have taken a pledge to return something to the society, through its parent organization, "Zenith of Health Society", and sister organisation "Institution of Ashtanga Yoga".

Sadly enough, Shotokan Karate has fallen a victim at the hands of dilution and adulteration. However, amidst such an environment of corruption in recent times, AIBSKA is struggling to maintain the originality of this magnificent art form as has been taught by the maestro and greatest pioneer of shotokan karate, Kancho Masatoshi Nakayama, whose teachings are followed strictly in "Japan Shotokan Karate Association", since its supreme master Keigo Abe, used to be one of Nakayama's most loyal follower and favourite student during his days in JKA. We, the followers of Keigo Abe, in India and definitely in other parts of the world all over, feel deeply rooted through his authentic teachings in JSKA for the last two decades.

AIBSKA have taken a vow to stick to Nakayama Sensei's and Abe Sense's teachings and be a part to this never ending journey in the pursuit of excellence not only in karate do, but also as a true human being.

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Sensei Tirthankar Nandy

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Charles Gidley Sensei, 9th Dan